Vastu for home spa: 7 lucky tips to create a tranquil wellness setting

Vastu for home spa: 7 lucky tips to create a tranquil wellness setting

Vastu for home spa: 7 lucky tips to create a tranquil wellness setting

Posted On Oct 10, 2022

Given the hyper-sterility of the post-pandemic scenario; it comes as no surprise that many realty developers are witnessing a boom in the demand for residences that contain a home spa and a fitness room. Irrespective of what stage of the pandemic we’re in — a quiet corner at home in the form of Vastu for home spa, which can provide us with rejuvenation, youth, longevity, beauty and good health — will never go out of style.

Wellness Centre

“The south is the direction is that is best associated with leisure and luxury in Vastu for home spa. Ruled by the element of fire, it has a warrior-like energy that is optimum for body building, but also a healing vibe that augments wellness,” says Namrataa Kripallani, a MahaVastu practicioner, who runs a Vastu consultancy called New Age Magic, in Pune.

Massage Table Placement

Once you have finalized a room (or segregated corner) in the south to set up a home spa, orient your massage table as much as you can towards the southeast, as it is associated with strength and vitality. “This direction also helps boost confidence, when you are feeling low on self-esteem,” Kripallani says.

Invigorating Exercise

Yoga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if you are a hardcore gym rat, place lightweight dumbbells in the NNE, and heavier gym machinery in the west.

Meditations on a Mat

The ideal direction to spread a yoga mat for dhyana or meditation is towards the north-of-north east (NNE) as it the zone associated with focus and clarity, which are essential to meditation. Here, the colour of the yoga mat should always be in shades of blue. One should face the east while meditating.

If you practise a more rigorous form of yoga, like hatha or ashtanga, then second best alternative to work with is the south-of-south-east (SSE) as it is the zone for building strength and vitality. Here, one should opt for a yoga mat in red, orange, pink or peach.

Slimming Shastras

Keep a weighing scale in the south-of-south-west (SSW) if you are trying to burn excess fat and restore an optimum body mass index (BMI).

Beauty Rituals

Even beauty and vanity have a place in Vastu. Place a dressing table or boudoir in the north-of-northwest as this is the zone associated with magnetism and sensuality. “Keeping your perfumes and make-up here, will boost your attractiveness to others. Cosmetics should be stored in the SSW to ensure that they are well-used and not gathering dust. “Lighting a pure ghee lamp in the south-east helps get a glow on one’s face,” Kripallani says.

Vastu Lion

Place a brass lion statue in the SSE corner of your home to feel confident and powerful. “A confident person always looks attractive, and makes heads turn when they enter a room,” Kripallani concludes.

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